Wolverine Soft 48-Hour

Game Development Contest 7

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The theme is Restraints

You can include the theme in any manner, form, or sense that you wish. Just make absolutely sure that you are able to explain how your game relates to the theme, because you will be judged on it.


  1. Zoo Escape by Brian Ford, Billy Laurain and Anthony Ghita
  2. The Mad Magician by Curt Lawrence, Doug Strait and Roy Zhang
  3. Valentine's Day by David McAllister, Mark Bosko and Thomas Thiem
  4. Avian Abduction by Joe Mitchell and Andrew Pinson
  5. Robot Restrain by Dale White, Nick Seltzer and Alex Soule
    1. Jailbreak by Artun Kircali and Matthew Boguslawski
    2. Prior Restraint by Bryan DeGrendel and Artun Kircali
  6. Rest Train by Nate Slottow and Zach Renner
  7. Critter-cal Mass by Edward Chen, Sean Sheehan and Sirius Gu
  8. TaintedRestraint by Christopher O'Grady, Kevin Meyer and Adam Aleksa


A breif documentary was made about the event, mostly focusing on Sid Meier and his involvement with the contest.


WHEN: Friday, February 12, 2010 -- 6:00:00 pm EST
WHERE: Windows Classrooms 1 & 2, 3rd Floor, Duderstadt Center, North Campus
WHO: Contest is open to all current students and alumni (having graduated in the past 6 years) of universities in Michigan (excluding those who have entered the video games industry).
WHY: Fun, Fame, Fabulous Prizes!


Registration, Suggestions and Questions

email: 48 Hour Information email

Contest Rules

Rules are subject to change, especially lists of allowed libraries and platforms.
Contest Coordinators will have final say in all disputes.


A theme will be announced at the beginning of the contest. Contest participants must incorporate this theme into their games and will be scored on how well they accomplish this. Entries which do not incorporate the theme as a central part of development will be disqualified. Contest Coordinators will be available to consult on theme usage.


Contest is open to all current students enrolled at the University of Michigan, Michigan State University, Wayne State University, Eastern Michigan University, or any college or university in Michigan. Alumni who have not entered the video games industry are also free to enter if they have graduated within the past 6 years. Programming skills are not necessary and we strongly urge artists and musicians to enter. Those who wish to participate are urged to pre-register.


On the day of the contest, groups of three will be created. Coordinators will help create teams for individuals who want to work in a team, but did not pre-register with a teammate. Contestants may choose to work alone or in a group of two.

Individual entrants inexperienced at game development may choose to be assigned to existing teams by the Contest Coordinators. The Contest Coordinators will decide if an individual is "inexperienced".


All entrants must register with the Wolverine Soft Contest Coordinators before they can enter the contest. Registration is open from now until the start of the competition. You may sign up with a teammate. If you registered with a teammate, an additional person will be assigned to your group on the day of the competition. You may register with a coordinator onsite during the contest, however participants are urged to pre-register. To pre-register, send an email to 48 Hour Information email with the following information:

Please be as accurate as possible. Also, feel free to include any libraries or platforms that you would like to submit for approval (see lists below).

Frequently Asked Questions

"Do I have to be present the entire 48-hours?"
No. You only have to create most of your code and artwork on-site. Feel free to go home to sleep, shower, eat, etc.

"I'm an artist and/or musician, can I still enter?"
Yes! We are definitely looking for artists and muscians. The best thing about video games is how they are such a convergence of so many different aspects--art, science, technology, music, creativity and entertainment-- and we're really trying to promote that during the contest. Hence, all of these aspects will be considered as part of the overall game evaluation.

"I would like to work on a team, but I don't have a team.  What should I do?"
No problem! On the day of the competition, you will be assigned two other teammembers.

"I don't know how to program games, how can I participate?"
Don't worry! We can put you on a team of veterans, so that you can get some good experience and guidance. Think "Lead/Assistant Programmer" paradigm from The Mythical Man Month.

"What software do the Media Union machines have?"
PC Training Rooms
Advanced Graphics Room

Onsite Development

Most programming and art must be created onsite, during the 48-hour period. Music that is developed during the 48-hour period can be produced and recorded off-site. Participants may bring in laptops, desktops, consoles, or any other development environment that they wish.

Subversion and Trac servers are available for all contestants to use for project management.


Entrants may develop games for any platform they wish, provided that they can be played in the Duderstadt Center, use approved libraries, and that the platform is available to all participants for playing (judgment of) their final game. In the case of a MOD, a copy of the original game must be available to install. (MAKE SURE THE INSTALLER WORKS ON A CAEN MACHINE, OR MAKE PLANS WITH THE CONTEST COORDINATORS!)
If you are willing to provide a non-Win32 PC platform (e.g. dev-ready Xboxes, PS2's, GBA's w/flash cartridges, etc.), please let us know.

Available Platforms Onsite:
PC Training Room Loadset
... (more as wsoft members/contest entrants provide more platforms)

Outside Assets

All significant libraries and pre-made code must be submitted to the contest coordinators by February 5th, 2010. After that, any exceptions made may impact the scores of the participants.

Otherwise, all code and assets must be created within the 48 hours of the competition, with the following exceptions. Outside music and sound effects will be allowed. Copyrighted music may be used as long as the entrants ask for permission from the copyright holder. They do not have to receive a response within the 48-hour period, but they must receive permission before we can post the game on the WSoft website. (If they are unable to receive permission, they must remove or replace the copyrighted materials.) Sound libraries (outside sound effects) may be used, as long as they are publicly available, and listed below.

Publicly available code libraries will be allowed, provided they are approved by the contest coordinators and listed below. If you have some personal, general code that you would like to use (e.g. DX or input device initialization routines, collision or physics routines, etc.) package your code as a library, and send a .zip file to the coordinators for approval.

Things that will help your library be accepted: clean code, informative comments, additional documentation, submitted before the contest begins, the more generally useful code, the better, and make sure it compiles without error! Remember, it has to be available to everyone else to use.
Submit http links and .zip files of libraries to be approved to 48 Hour Information email

Libraries and Engines






Mods of Commercial Games


Submissions must be downloadable .zip archives.
Submissions must be under 50 MB. Final product - not including starting ingredients. (but try to keep them small, don't use uncompressed audio, use .png's instead of .bmp's, etc.)
Submissions must include a copy of or link to ALL "starting ingredients" including SDK's, libraries, etc. (a separate .zip file from submission, or hyperlinks)
Submissions must include an HTML or text info document containing:

Submission forms will be available at the event.


The final game submissions will be judged by a panel selected by the Wolverine Soft Contest Coordinators.
Additionally, each participant will write down and submit his/her top 3 (not including his/her own) favorite entries. These votes will be factored into the evaluation.

Judges Include:

Entries will be judged on the following criteria:


Prizes will be awarded to participants based on performance, and rest assured that prizes will be 1337er than years past.

Prizes have been generously donated by

Contest Coordinators

Ryan Meier
Warren Michael Bame
Mitchell Keith Bloch

email: 48 Hour Information email