Wandering Ash

Status Completed
Added on December 24, 2005
Platform Windows XP, DX9.0c+
Release date December 24, 2005
Website Wandering Ash website
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Wandering Ash

"The leaf was not always a leaf. Once, the leaf was a person. One day, this person stumbled upon the evil witch's castle, between our world and the world of the void. The witch transformed the person into a leaf, and flung the leaf far away, toward the world of the void. The closer one gets to the world of the void, the fewer things exist. If an object gets too close, its existence threshold is reached, and it ceases to exist entirely. This would have happened to the leaf, but luckily for it, a gust of wind prevented it from going too far toward the void. Saved from nonexistence, the leaf must find its way back to the witch's castle to break the curse, and return to reality." Draw lines of wind to help the leaf get back to reality, and prevent the leaf from falling to the ground, getting eaten, or catching on fire! Includes 6 challenging levels, and unlockable cheats.

Member contributions

Design / Developer / Artist / Sound / Created the project account on the Wolverine Soft site.

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